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the most popular tourist attractions in jogja that must be visited

Currently Jogja like a tourist destination is very fitting, a variety of cool tourist attractions available there, both new tours and tours that have been popular for a long time. You just choose one of the attractions that interest you most of the many tours in Jogja.

Jogja includes a reference for a very fascinating tour. Jogja is the most famous tourist destination in Java Island.

Jogja tour there are many, and we will share tourist attractions in Jogja the latest and most complete along with the location, address and price of admission.

Obama (former president of the United States) came to Indonesia for a tour. In addition to visiting Bali, Obama also chose Jogja as a tourist destination. It indicates that Jogja does have its own charm in the world of tourism, as well as offering many attractions Jogja interesting and dear to miss.

Jogja is also known as a cheap tourist destination because the cost of meals and housing costs are quite friendly.

1. Jogja Bay Pirates Adventure Waterpark

This sanctuary stands in an area of ​​approximately 11 hectares and offers no less than 19 fun and challenging water rides.

Some facilities available for the convenience of the visitors include: VVIP Cabana, Gazebo, Stage, Pool bar, Restaurant, Photo services, Locker rental, Towel rental, Shopping center, Odong-odong, Resto and Cafe, Mosque, Bath room and area ample parking.

One of Jogja's most popular tourist spot today is Jogja Bay Pirates Adventure Waterpark. Which is suitable as a holiday destination of all ages, ranging from children to adults.

There are also various sliders with varying heights and sizes (length). Among the most popular examples of this famous slider are: Volcano Coaster, Timo Timo Rider (having 3 turns on the track makes us feel oddly moved), Brando Bumeranggo, Bekti Adventure, Joilie Raft Rive

In addition to various games for adults, Jogja Bay also provides a variety of interesting venues for children. In fact, the supporting facilities that exist in this place is also quite complete friendly for all ages.

Various forms of exciting activities such as adventures, educational activities, to spectacular performances are also here. In Jogja Bay, children can learn from the simulated flood disaster, disaster training with Basarnas, watching spectacular performances


Ticket Price

elderly tickets : tickets for the elderly at age 65 are 350000 Rupiah

child tickets weekend for children maximum height 110 cm is 75000 Rupiah

tickets child weekdays for children maxsimal height 110 cm is 60000 Rupiahadult

weekdays ticket for height above 110 cm is 90000 Rupiah

adult weekend ticket for height above 110 cm is 100000 Rupiah

The address is North Street Stadium, Kec. Depok, Sleman District, Yogyakarta Special Region +62 274 8722020

more information please visit the official website :

2. De Mata Trick Eye Museum

In the De Mata Trick Eye Museum, visitors can experience three-dimensional sensations with a variety of poses and backgrounds as amazing as real.

The presence of De Mata Trick Eye Museum in XT Square is something new, unique and spectacular, because this tourist rides are the only one in Yogyakarta even in Central Java.

Occupying the basement area of ​​Jogja XT Square, the placement of these three-dimensional images was drafted using a labyrinth model so as not to saturate the visitors of this museum.

presents a variety of images ranging from in theme, sports, characters, animals, super hero, romance, circus, ornaments, including attractions Tamansari and Pagelaran Kraton Yogyakarta.

the largest in the world because in XT Square Yogyakarta there are 120 three-dimensional images, while abroad at most only 70 images.

One of the rides in D'Walik, Horror Room, with the theme of the room is horrible and full of blood, the sensation of taking pictures in the Horror Room certainly will not be forgotten.

Complete with a bloody skull property and full of termites, it gives a very horrible impression.

there is also room Anti-Gravity, Room Disco arranged in such a way that gives a different impression for the visitors who take pictures. Different also Barber room, carrying the theme of room 90, this room is ready to provide a different sensation for the visitors.

Space angkringan, complete with carts and packs of rice cats and anglo worth a try.

Visitors can interact with the existing property in every room, stylish likes and expressions.

the addition of eight new statues. Jack & Neytiri's Avatar, with a height of nearly 3 meters ready to take pictures with visitors.

Supported with the typical 3D Artworks De MATA of course increasingly supports the background photographed. Star Wars character, Darth Varder is also now ready to berseepie together.

for visitors who want to take pictures with Sultan Kosen, the highest man, or take pictures with Chandra Dangi, the shortest man, or even with Maurine Uribe, the world's greatest man

AR De ARCA provides information to visitors about the statues in De ARCA. AR Applications can be downloaded for free on the Play Store.

For ticket prices, visitors simply spend Rp. 120.000, - on Monday-Friday and Rp. 140,000, - on Saturday, Sunday, Holidays. Take it easy, on Monday-Friday, before 3 pm, visitors can enjoy happy hour promo with the price of Rp. 100.000,

XT Square, XT Square Gedung Umar Kayam Basement Flooring, No. 150-151, Pandeyan, Umbulharjo, Jl. Veteran, Pandeyan, Umbulharjo, Yogyakarta City, Special Region of Yogyakarta 55161

information call : (0274) 380809

3. Upside Down World Jogja

Upside Down World Jogja is a tourist place that has a rides of the world upside down, where all the objects that exist in this sights are placed above us in reverse, so as if we are on the roof.

all objects that are on the upside in Upside Down World Jogja is an original object, not just a picture or patch of photos only.

Although the items placed on the ceiling are genuine, you need not worry, because the manager has considered the level of security for visitors, so objects that are placed on the ceiling will not fall on the visitors.

With the items mounted in reverse-the sky, making the photo spot into a photo upside down like a float against the law of gravity when there is indoors.

For those of you who are the first time to come to this place and do not know what to pose for the results of good photographs, you need not worry.

Because every room in Upside Down World Jogja has experienced officers in photography field, so the visitors can be directed and guide you in arranging the right angel position to be able to produce a good photo.

This place is located on Jl. North Ring Road No. 18, Maguwoharjo, Depok, Sleman District, Yogyakarta Special Region,

Ticket Price List Upside Down World Jogja is enough to spend your money of Rp. 80. 000 for the adult category and children less than 135 cm in charge of Rp. 40. 000. 0853-2689-9780

If you want to come to this place here is the operational hours open Upside Down World Jogja, starting at 10:00 to 19:00 pm

4. The Botanical Garden of Mangunan

Muah Jogja's Fruit Farm of a country on its cloud location there is a viewing view which reaches 200 meters above sea level which allows you to enjoy the exotic clot of clouds that wrap the Sewu Mountains.

You can learn about plants directly, because it is said that the plants here consist of 1500 durian trees, 950 mango trees, 220 citrus trees, 300 guava trees and 200 other fruit trees.

Where is the Location of Mangunan's Garden?

Mangunan Village, Dlingo District, Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta. This is where the Buah Mangunan Garden is located, about 15 km away from the capital of Bantul Regency and about 35 km away from the center of Yogyakarta. (021) 06424543

Ticket Entrance Fare of Mangunan Jogja?

the fee to be paid if you want to pay a visit is only Rp 5.000

Opening Hours Fruit Farms Mangunan?

you can come to this Mangunan fruit garden every day starting from 04.30 am and will be closed at 18.00 pm.

The best time in the morning at 5 am, because you can enjoy and thick fog from the top of the mangunan viewpoint

Parking Fruit Garden Fee Mangunan?

As for the parking fee you will only be charged Rp 2,000 and 4,000 for the motor

facilities that you can get in this place?

Various fruit plants and ornamental plants

Place to learn to make fertilizer

Land as a learning place for plant nurseries

Meeting room



Camping area

Bridge shake

Flying fox


5. Beautiful pine forest

The presence of Asri pine viewpoint as well as complement the natural beauty of this pine forest area. For in this viewpoint visitors can take photos of selfie with forest background and lowland Imogiri. The expanse of the horizon and the blend of pine woods will spoil the eyes of the visitors.

Cool atmosphere and beautiful scenery stretches of course make visitors feel at home sitting long in this pine beautiful viewing post, but keep in mind because this is a photo spot selfie, so it must be fast fast because many are queued. To spot this Pinus Asri photo, it is recommended to visit during the morning or at dusk because the background will be very beautiful.

Location Pine Forest Asri Spot viewing post?

The location of this view point is in the forest area of ​​Pinus Asri which is located at Nganjir Pine Forest Road, Karangasem, Munthuk Dlingo. This new tourist attraction is open from 06.00 - 18.00 WIB.

To enter into the beautiful Pine Forest visitors pay enough parking fees just rp. 2,000 / motor and rp. 10,000 / car. The facilities in the pine forest is quite complete ranging from the place samapah, gazebo, seating and there is also mushola.

Tips if you want to visit the pine forest Asri try to use the prime vehicle because the access road to the pine forest Asri is up and down with a fairly steep height. Also should avoid the time of rain because the road in the forest is very muddy.

6. The top of Becici

The atmosphere at Becici Peak itself is a combination of the Botanical Garden of Mangunan and the Pine Forest.

On the way to the hill we will pass through the pine forest area, while from the top of the hill we can enjoy the green scenery as well as in the viewing point of the Garden of Mangunan. If you look down, the green rice fields will welcome the view.

Becici Peak is a great place to enjoy the sunsise and sunset views. If the weather is sunny, the scenery we will get in the morning and afternoon is really special.

Some visitors are willing to come early in the morning to watch the sunrise in this place.

To get to Becici's own Peak location we have to trekking for about 15 minutes from the parking lot past the tracks of the trail.

In the peak area has provided a simple chair that we can use to sit sweet while enjoying the scenery and atmosphere.

The tourist area at Puncak Becici itself is managed independently by the local community. If there is a special need (eg camping), we must first permit the manager.

the address is Gunung Cilik RT. 07 / RW. 02, Muntuk, Dlingo, Muntuk, Dlingo, Bantul, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 0823-2905-5550

7. Hill Panguk

the main thing to offer from this place is the green scenery of hill rows in the Geopark series of Mount Sewu and the River Oya.

Especially for the River Oya, this river will look very beautiful when the water is not overflowing. The color will look blue toska and look so beautiful

the same scenery you will get when visiting Bukit Panguk which is located in the same village with the Garden of Fruit Mangunan, precisely in Hamlet Kediwung.

If you are interested to visit Bukit Panguk Jogja, you will be charged retribution ticket later. Take it easy, the price is very cheap admission kok, you just pay motorcycle parking Rp 2000 only, while if you bring the car then will only be charged parking fee of Rp 5000 only.

The route to Bukit Panguk can be seen through Google Maps below

8. Pine Forest Pengger

Pengger Pine Forest is about 4 km from the Pine Forest Mangunan. Indeed, Pengus Pine Forest is also in the same area as the Pine Forest Mangunan.

Facilities exist in Pengger not much different from those in Mangunan. In the pine forest is also provided some gazebo, swings, and a seat made of dead pine trees. Warung, mushola, toilet also exist.

if we want to hold a special activity (eg makrab), the manager has also provided a marquee. Not far from this marquee there is an interesting spot with a special view.

If we go to this spot at night, the scenery we will get will be the same as in Bukit Bintang, even more beautiful.

9. Mojo Hill

The view that we will get in Mojo Hill is about the same as Bukit Panguk.

The location of these two hills is also not far apart, about 2 km only. From this hill we can also see the green Geopark Gunung Sewu from the pavilions (or whatever you call it) built by local residents.

Oya River also looks very beautiful from this hill. Mojo Hill is still very new. This place was recently opened as a tourist attraction around July 2016 ago.

What is interesting from this Mojo Gumelem Hill is the existence of a unique selfie spot. If the Tapelan Gorge has a Ship on a cliff and a large butterfly wing, this Mojo hill also does not want to lose. There is a unique selfie spot with a giant bird's nest on the hill. This bird's nest becomes the most favorite photo spot by visitors.

Bird's nest is an adaptation of Substandard which then made seoalh like bird's nest. The result, if the photos in the spot of Mojo Hill is very good. In addition to the bird's nest selfie spots, there is also a sunflower-shaped viewing post. If visitors take pictures on it as if perched on a giant flower.

Location of Mojo Gumelem Hill?

The location of the new tourist spot is not far from the Hill of Mojo Fruit Garden Mangunan and Hill Panguk. Precisely located in RT 04 Kediwung Mangunan Dlingo Village. So the location of Mojo Hill is actually still one area with Bukit Panguk Kediwung.

To be able to enjoy the natural scenery so green in Mojo Hill, visitors do not have to pay a levy. We only need to pay the parking fee of Rp. 2.000 / motor.

While to take pictures in the spot selfie tariff charged Rp. 3,000 / spot. facilities in Mojo Hill is complete enough there is also a toilet, seating and some small food stalls.

10. Cliff Watu Mabur

Named cliff watu mabur because, tourism hits in this bantul is on the hill. Sometimes the fog appears from under the cliff so as to make it as if the cliff is flying. In Javanese watu means stone while mabur means fly.

we can also enjoy the sunrise when the weather is nice. If you have a long time, bring a tent and camp from this hill while waiting for the sunrise to arrive.

Watu Mabur if translated to Indonesian means is flying stone. Somehow so named. Clearly, this place has nice scenery. The scenery we will get from this place is not much different from Bukit Panguk and Mojo Hill, the Geopark of Mount Sewu and the flow of the River Oya.

Location Cliff Watu Mabur?

Cliff watu mabur is located in Lemahang hamlet, Mangunan, Dlingo, Bantul, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 0878-3987-9069. If you have ever visited the Pine Forest Mangunan, or the Mangunan Fruit Garden it will easily find this place. If from the Garden of the living fruits walk eastward past the chasm of swallowing. The cliffs of watu mabur are located east of the chasm.

Besides taking pictures, you can also camp here. Simply pay Rp 10 thousand you can already set up a tent in the camp area that has been provided.

11. Garden bridge cliffs 

The presence of Breksi Cliffs Park is of course an alternative to other tourism that increasingly increase the interest of tourists to visit Jogja.

The reason, Breccia Cliff offers beautiful natural beauty.

The main treat presented by Breksi Brisk Park is a row of breccias stone cliffs that towering dashingly. This cliff has actually formed millions of years ago, but because of mining activities turned into having sculptured ornaments.

the former mining also open the cross section of the cliff wall to see the structure of the rock that composes it like a layer cake.

It becomes a beauty of its own that makes the visitors take pictures with a background of breccia cliffs are very artistic.

Not a few who make this as a photo hunting spot, even for special moments such as pre-wedding moments.

In addition to presenting the beauty of geoheritage, from the cliff Breksi visitors can also see lanscape jogja city, Prambanan temple, up and down the plane at Adi Sucipto Airport.

The most special is the time when the sun began to sink. This breccias cliffs provide a beautiful view of the sunset

Location Cliff Breksi Jogja?

Location of tourist attraction not far from downtown Jogja. The location of Breksi Cliff is adjacent to Ijo Temple

Location Cliff Breksi is precisely located in Hamlet Groyokan Village Sambirejo District Prambanan Sleman.

Brisk Ticket Entrance Price?

To enter the tourist area of ​​Taman Treks Breksi, visitors have not been charged retribution, just enough to pay the parking fee Rp. 2,000 for motorcycle and Rp. 5,000 for car.

12. Prambanan temple

Prambanan temple is the largest Hindu temple in Indonesia and even Southeast Asia.

This temple is also known as Roro Jongrang Temple which was founded around 850 AD by Wangsa Sanjaya. By UNESCO since 1991 ago, this temple is designated as a world cultural heritage that must be protected its existence. Prambanan temple has a height of 47 meters or 5 meters higher than Borobudur temple.

Prambanan temple is also called Rorojongrang Temple because it is related by a legend which is said to be believed by some people of Java.

The legend tells of a prince named Bandung Bondowoso who fell in love with a princess named Rara Jongrang. Because the princess is powerless to reject her love then the princess put forward a condition that must be fulfilled Bandung Bondowoso is making the temple with the number of 1,000 statues overnight.

Roro Jongrang request was agreed and almost fulfilled one night until finally Roro Jongrang asked the villagers to help pound rice in order to memacing the rooster to crow that day is morning. But Bandung Bondowoso know that rigged that at that time had completed 999 statues, which further cursed Roro Jongrang became a statue to the 1,000.

The structure of Prambanan temple depicts the belief in the Hindu religion of Trimurti.

Prambanan temple complex has 3 temples in the main yard of Siwa temple, Brahma temple and Vishnu temple. Each main temple has one companion temple. For Shiva temple accompanied by Nandini temple, for Brahma temple accompanied by goose temple and for Wisni temple accompanied by Garuda temple.

The relief carved on Prambanan temple wall tells the story of Ramayana. There is also a relief Kalpataru tree, where Hindus consider the tree symbolizes sustainability, life and harmony. The existence of the tree depicts the people of Java at that time have awareness in preserving the environment.

For visitors wanting to find more information about Prambanan Temple, has provided a museum located in Prambanan temple complex.

The museum provides audio visual information about the history of the discovery of Prambanan temple until the restoration process is presented in full.

There are interesting events held every month on the full moon that is staging Ramayana Ballet. Ramayana story told in this show is a translation of the relief carved on the wall of Prambanan temple.


Prambanan Temple is located in Prambanan Village which is administratively divided into two regions namely Sleman Regency and Regency of Klaten Jateng

Ticket price?

Entrance ticket for local tour Rp.8.000, Entrance ticket for foreign tourists for US $ 10.

13. Ratu boko temple

This temple is an archaeological site located at 3 km south of Prambanan temple, 18 km east of Yogyakarta city. The whole area of ​​Boko Temple is about 25 hectares. Ratu Boko Palace was in the ancient time is a magnificent building that was built during the reign of Rakai Panangkaran which is one of the descendants of Wangsa Syailendra.

Ratu Boko Palace was originally named Abhayagiri Vihara which means monastery in the hillside full of peace. The palace was established as a place to calm down and focus on a more lasting life.

While in this palace you will feel a more calm and peaceful atmosphere and can see the beauty of the city of Yogyakarta, Prambanan and Mount Merapi.
Istana Ratu Boko stands at an altitude of 196 m asl which is divided into 4 parts namely:

Middle Section: is the main gate building, burning temple, field, pond, rock berumpak and paseban.

Southeast: includes pendopo, balai-balai, 3 temples, ponds and keputren complex.

East: cave complex, Buddhist stupa and pond.

Western part: consists of hills

When tourists enter the main gate will go straight to the middle. You will then see 2 high gates, the first gate with 3 doors and the second gate having 5 doors.

In the first gate you will find the word "Panabwara". The article was written by Rakai Panabwara who is a descendant of Rakai Panangkaran who at that time took over the power of the palace. The purpose of writing listed in the main gate is to legitimize power or give a greater power and sign that this building is the main building.

Stepping to the second gate, you will find a temple made of white stone so that the temple is called Candi Batu Putih. Next you will also find a square-sized combustion temple measuring 26 m x 26 m and has 2 terraces. This temple was used for the burning of corpses. Not far from there is about 10 m you will see a rock berumpak and pond.

In the southeast of the Burning Temple there is a well reputedly named Amerta Mantana which means holy water that has been given a mantra. Until now the water in this well is still used by local people. According to the public exposure, the well water will be successful bringing luck to anyone who wear it.

Hindus often use this water for the Tawur Agung ceremony one day before Nyepi. The purpose of water use is believed to purify themselves and restore the purity of the earth and everything in it. In order for tourists to see the process of this ceremony should visit the Prambanan Temple the day before Nyepi day.

Meanwhile, when you head east, you will find 2 caves, a large pool of 20 mx 50 and a Buddhist stupa. The cave below is called Wadon's cave, while the guua above is called the lane cave. The two caves are formed by a sedimentary rock called Breksi Pumis. While the stupa in this temple is Aksobya which is one of the Pantheon Budha.

This temple was founded by Buddhists but in its construction has elements from Hinduism. This is evidenced by the Lingga and Yoni, the statue of Ganesha and a gold plate that read "om Rudra ya namah swaha" which is a form of worship to the god Rudra who is none other than Lord Shiva. All this proves that religious tolerance at that time was contained in the form of a work of art of a temple. At that time Hindus and Buddhists lived side by side.

Istana Ratu Boko has uniqueness that is different from other temple relics. Heritage buildings in the form of temples or temples used for places of worship and worship. While the building on Ratu Boko Palace is a relic that shows the characteristics as a residence.


Ratu Boko temple is located in (Dusun Sumberwatu, Sambirejo Village) and (Dusun Dawung, Bokoharjo Village) Prambanan Subdistrict, Sleman Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta.

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